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Suprabha Corrosion Solutions Provider (CSP) program

Any industrial activity cannot be imagined without Material handling. With the growing emphasis on productivity, profitability, product consistency and quality, energy conservation, eco-preservation and efficient deployment of financial and human resources, Material handling has come to play a crucial role in every industry & organization.

That most manufacturers and exporters of engineering goods incur substantial costs year after year in anti-corrosion measures is common knowledge.

What is not known however, is that, in most cases the efforts are wasted, as they do not address the actual cause of corrosion.

The most critical step of corrosion-prevention lies in identifying its root cause. This is easier said than done since the causes of corrosion are innumerable, and can range from the incompatibility of a metal with a certain treatment, to flaws in the manufacturing process to packaging. To complicate matters further, corrosion may not be visible at the time of packing, but can progress to advanced levels at the final destination, leading to dissatisfaction at the customer's end.

The Suprabha Corrosion Solutions Provider (CSP) program minimizes costs and aims for zero level rejection or wastage due to corrosion. An ideal rust prevention system for clients, this program involves:

Suprabha Metal Cleaning Product

Suprabha Metal Cleaning Product

Rusting is a common phenomenon in the engineering industry. It is experienced at various stages of production, right from receipt of raw materials to manufacturing processes, storing and preservation of finished goods etc. In most cases there’s little control over corrosion prevention at source. Rejection of the entire consignment in such cases although technically the best solution, is impractical for a number of reasons. Salvage operations are hence inevitable.

These are lengthy and labour intense processes when performed using conventional methods. They also do not yield the best results. The Suprabha research team

has studied these processes in detail and have developed specific products to optimise the efficacy of these processes.


It is a common practice to use alkaline media to remove oil, grease, dust, dirt etc. Often these are not effective. Suprabha has developed a range of water based near neutral cleaners for specific applications. These can be used for cleaning both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. This is the Suprabha ALC series that includes ALC 852/854/855/856 etc. Suprabha also provides a solvent cutback cleaner SVCI 418/448.

Rust Removal

This is the next step in cleaning of metal items. To remove rust scales and oxide deposits, the smaller items can be immersed into a bath of any of the Suprabha Rust Removers, namely the RRM series (RRM 422/423).

After derusting, the components are to be rinsed in plain water thoroughly, followed by immediately dipping into a neutraliser bath of SVCI 302/302V. This is necessary as otherwise the acid drag on metal surface will result in more rust.

Suprabha also offers an additive to the acid tanks which reduces metal loss in the bath, accelerate derusting, and forms a foamy layer on top of the bath which prevents the acid fumes from escaping into the atmosphere and causing damage to the immediate structures.

Rust Convertor

For larger surfaces like fabricated products, where rust removing is cumbersome, Suprabha has a very effective solution where the superficial layer of rust can be converted into a rust preventive coating. For this Suprabha has developed a special product, the FEC 902. This can be applied on any rusted surface and it creates a rust preventive film that protects the underlying surface. Painting on such a surface is possible.

Rust Prevention

For short term and long term protection, Suprabha has a wide range of products for customer specific applications. Suprabha has developed its own methodology to keep corrosion prone items protected for the desired period of time by using water based or oil based products. For more information, please refer to our literature for Rust Preventive Liquids.

Typical Salvage Operation

Suprabha Rustofilm and Synthetic Paper

Suprabha Rustofilm and Synthetic Paper


A co-extruded SVCI polyethylene film protects Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials against corrosion. In combination with extra barrier material covers like LDPE/HDPE fabric, SVCI Rustofilm offers an excellent Transparent Seaworthy Packaging System at an economical cost. This system has won the prestigious

Rustofilm Special Features

Biodegradable Synthetic Paper

Biodegradable Synthetic Paper from Suprabha has almost all the combined properties of Paper and Plastic. Ordinary LDPE film can allow transmission of moisture (Breathing Phenomenon) which may cause corrosion of the packed item. Suprabha Synthetic Paper due to its unique co-extrusion manufacturing process, and SVCI additives, does not allow moisture molecules to transgress thereby preventing corrosion.

They are ideally suited for over-wrapping as well as packaging of semi-finished / finished Ferrous, Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and certain Non-Ferrous metal components.

(Since a field of SVCI is created inside the package filling up the entire volume, the package can also be a loose fit.)

Synthetic Paper Special Features

Suprabha Rust Preventive Oils and Rustogel

Suprabha Rust Preventive Oils and Rustogel


Suprabha Rustogel is a ready-to-use petroleum jelly based rust preventive gel. Upon application a tenacious film is created on the machined surface. The vapours released by chemicals create a protective vapour barrier that keeps corrosion promoting agents like moisture and oxygen away. Ideal to use on partly machined large castings received from vendors, fabricated items, welded joints etc.

Rust Preventive Oils

Traditional Rust Preventive Oils work on the principle of Contact Inhibition. If the oil film is disturbed in handling, the exposed area catches rust, which subsequently spreads to the areas beneath the oil layer.

SVCI Rust Preventive oils work on the principle of both Contact and Vapour Corrosion Inhibitions. As a Contact Inhibitor, they form a film on the metal surface, forming an effective barrier between the metal surface and the atmosphere. The SVCI chemicals blended in the oil release continuous vapours into the air over the oil. In case the oil film is disturbed in handling, the vapours released by the chemicals from the neighbouring areas create a vapour barrier, thus protecting the metal surface. The vapours also migrate to the recessed areas of the component, where physical application of oil is not possible.

Suprabha also offers a special SVCI concentrate for oils. Most suitable for use with hydraulic oils, gear oils, lubricating oils and also MTO & kerosene. To be used at 0.25 % to 1.0 % concentration.

Special Features

SVCI Rustopaper

Suprabha SVCI Rustopaper

Suprabha Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors or SVCI protect both Ferrous as well as Non-Ferrous metals from corrosion. SVCI protection can be administered to metal components through elements of packaging and preservation. Paper is one of the principal elements used in packaging.

Special SVCI impregnated papers have been developed by Suprabha for packaging of metal components. These are plain kraft, polycoated, and multi-layered products, ideally suited for over-wrapping as well as packaging of semi-finished or finished metal components. Suitable for Ferrous, Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy components and or Non-Ferrous metal components such as those made from Copper or Brass. The multi-layered sheets are woven HDPEfabric laminated, having adequate strength and waterproofing properties. These sheets when used as protective covers provide moisture-resistant and tear resistant protection to the packed items.

Special Features


Suprabha Rustopliq

protection period is however sufficiently long to ensure in-plant and in-process protection. These products are ideal for protection from few hours to few days. Repetition of application however can extend the period of protection as desired.

This simple method of surface protection obviates the need for costly rust preventive oils and installation of conventional multitank system to clean the surface off oil, rust etc. on components by following cumbersome process. It completely eliminates the pollution caused by the cleaning system.

As there is no loss of liquid due to evaporation, usage of SVCI Water based eco-friendly liquid for rust prevention will be economical.

Special Features

SVCI Rustopowder

Suprabha SVCI Rustopowder

Desiccants such as Silica gel are commonly used inside a package to absorb moisture. These are often ineffective and at times cause corrosion of the packed item rather than the prevention. The phenomenon of bleeding of silica gel promotes acidic atmosphere in addition to increasing the humidity level inside the package.

Suprabha approaches this problem by providing two varieties of desiccants, namely the SVCI Rustopowder and Suprabha DHF 555 Dehumidifier. The former provides positive rust prevention by adsorption and the latter by absorption of the moisture and keeps the same under control.

SVCI 512 Rustopowder

On vaporisation SVCI molecules migrate and then condensate, forming a monomolecular film on the metal surface. The SVCI molecules are attracted towards metal surfaces and protect every area of metal components including cavities and recessed areas.

Special Features

Suprabha Seaworthy Packaging System

Suprabha Seaworthy Packaging System

Suprabha Seaworthy Packaging System demonstrates how innovation need never stop.

By utilising the inherent strength of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) in the form of packing material, rust-preventive oils, water-based liquids, gels, desiccants and tablets, this system ensures corrosionfree delivery of high-value engineering components to overseas destinations. Operating at two levels of protection, the system provides a superior barrier material on the outside while conditioning the entrapped atmosphere inside the packing

Special Features